Trauma Recovery Groups

Are you looking for a place to express your feelings and thoughts? Are you searching for support to help you through life experience? Are you looking to enhance your social skills while coping with life’s challenges?

Group therapy is the place for you. We offer a variety of group therapy options that allow you to heal through sharing.

Trauma Group 101

Are you interested in therapy but not sure where to start?

Have you considered group therapy but not sure what it would be like?

Have you ever wanted to “sit in” on a group to get the “feel” of it?

Well look no further! Atlanta Mental Health & Wellness Center is offering opportunities for you.


Dealing with trauma is difficult especially when the effects of your past trauma begins to interfere with your present life experiences. Understanding the why and how trauma affects us is overwhelming and intimidating. Therapy can help, but that’s sometimes overwhelming and intimidating as well.

Trauma Group 101 is a single session trauma group for beginners.  Participants will have an opportunity to “try on” group therapy with a licensed professional who specializes in trauma recovery. We will have an overview of a trauma group and participate in one trauma group activity. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for the upcoming trauma group.

Women Trauma Survivor Group

Are you a trauma survivor?

Are you looking for a group to continue your recovery process?

AMHW is offering a new Trauma Recovery Group for Women.


The Women’s Trauma Recovery Group will provide a safe space for you to share your experience with other women who have similar experience. We will provide techniques for social interaction, recognizing triggers, effective mindfulness techniques to aid in emotional regulation.

This group is for women who have experienced childhood or adult sexual, emotional or physical trauma.  Trauma knowledge, mindfulness skills, and coping techniques to aid in total body recovery (mind, body & spirit) will be explored. Must have a current individual therapist.

RESET Reading Room

Hitting the RESET button after sexual trauma is trickier than it sounds!

So, what is the Reading Room…


The Reading Room is like a book club, except you bring your own trauma recovery material to read, in session. Maybe it’s a podcast, article, or online course related to trauma. That works.
It’s like a support group by encouraging one another to “do the work” of healing. You may be strangers, but you have something very important in common. #METOO  BUT,  you don’t have to talk about it!

What about the meditation piece? Relaxation time? Each session will begin with a relaxation practice to help reset your nervous system (where all those experiences sit!).



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